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Eternal Sword - Region Tactics

A huge conflict pits hundreds of mercenaries against each other!

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Game Description

Eternal Sword is a new collecting/strategy RPG! A huge conflict pits hundreds of mercenaries against each other!

Experience a thrilling modern RPG called Eternal Sword with an amazing traditional narrative!


Players can form their own band of varied mercenaries. Enjoy genuine battles with clever formations and careful unit management!

Challenge the throne to become the unstoppable Mercenary King!

Exciting Large-Scale Battles

  • Experience thrilling gameplay as hundreds of mercenaries battle it out on a wide battlefield!
  • Control your own Mercenary League and engage in a massive war in a chaotic planet!

The Strategic Unit System

  • With hundreds of unit combinations, gamers can customize their Mercenary League as they see appropriate.
  • You can deploy your mercenaries without regard to faction or type.
  • Is it only Elves? A melting pot containing all units? The choice is yours!

The Keys to Victory

  • Meticulous strategy and careful unit management!
  • Try a Charge Formation for Calvary to charge at foes, or a Shooting Formation for Archers to deal ranged strikes!
  • Turn the tide of battle by selecting the best formation for the situation and carefully controlling your units!
  • Of course, if you don't feel like accomplishing any of that, you may always defeat the enemy by sheer numbers.

A Classic RPG Vibe!


  • Eternal Saga has a great tale and hours of gameplay.
  • See the world through the eyes of Allus, the amnesiac Mercenary King!

Various Battle Modes

  • Prove your ability to be the finest Mercenary League in PvP mode.
  • Need more gold? Head down to the Goblin Mines!
  • You can choose from a variety of battle styles, including Factions War, Boss Battles, and more!

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