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Eternal Evolution: Idle RPG

An epic idle sci-fi RPG!

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Game Description

Your favorite strategy mobile IDLE RPG in 2022 will be Eternal Evolution! Download it right away to start building your legends and leading your heroes over the endless universal arena.

Heroic Arena


In this sci-fi planet, summon a ton of Terran, Atlas, and Wenfyr heroes to fight in the endless legendary battles. In order to ultimately gain control over the battle situation in the arena, train and evolve the legendary heroes in your quest. Then, strategically and freely release their skills to exterminate all opponents in your path.

Endless Battlefield

Even if you are an AFK player, the resource raiding war in Eternal Evolution never ends, allowing the heroes to constantly evolve and get stronger! Just send out the right warriors against various foes on this never-ending battlefield with your cunning plan!

Fantasy Hero World


You have the impression of being a real Commander in a sci-fi setting thanks to the exciting special animation effects and realistic sound effects! Just enjoy the battles in a fantastical world to the fullest! You can ride the whirlwind of the eternal arena by tapping the fight button in the endlessly thrilling adventure of valor!

The beginning of your endless adventure is evolution! Get the game today and begin your evolution legend!

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