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Epic Rush

The wizard left behind a magic crystal as his legacy that many adversaries are now vying for. Are you prepared for the battle ahead?

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Game Description

A magic crystal is what the magician left behind as a legacy. Many adversaries are vying for it. Are you prepared for a major conflict?

Flexible Progression


  • Every game you play in Epic Rush: Idle Tower Defense is different, so you'll feel like a true strategist. To get the most out of a versatile game build modification system, apply logic and strategic thinking. You receive money upon each elimination, which you can use to improve a trait. Select from more than 20 stats in three distinct categories. Improve your attack if you wish to deal more damage. Desire regrowth? Next, consider defense. Perhaps you require something else? You then have a choice in support. Just the stats you require upgrading.

Choose the Target Priority

  • You have to direct the path of the war in Epic Rush: Idle Tower Defense, much like in the greatest simulation games. You can choose from a number of target priority alternatives to accomplish this. Keep in mind that it's not always the greatest option to hit the closest one. It's crucial to have a strategy. Show everyone how intelligent you are!

Roguelike System

  • You have additional possibilities as you go farther. Your money vanishes with every loss, but your vitality doesn't. In the upcoming games, you can use it to better your life in unique ways, acquire new features, and unlock new ones.

Special Enhancements


  • You can receive special upgrades that drastically alter the gameplay after reaching a particular level. When you get to the 60th wave, you can unlock the doomsday weapon in addition to purchasing additional magic like lasers, choosing cards with benefits, and getting upgrades in the workshop.


  • Versatile advancement system. Develop the ideal plan and enhance the necessary stats
  • Select the target priority in order to command the combat zone.
  • A roguelike system in which losing is only the beginning
  • Unlock more upgrades, such as the weapon of doom.
  • Easy controls, intuitive interfaces, and charmingly simple 3D visuals

Develop into a skilled tactician in this fantastical setting. Apply all of your reasoning to create the ideal design that will enable you to defeat overwhelming waves of adversaries. Open unique upgrades, then engage in combat. Are you prepared to defend? Download and start playing now!

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