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Endless Nightmare 5

Slay demons as a Taoist priest to keep Eventide Village peaceful

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Game Description

This is the fifth installment in the Endless Nightmare horror games series.

There's a deserted village full of terrifying malevolent ghosts and frightening graves. The autumn wind is rustling, and the wronged ghosts appear to be sobbing miserably. This strange community is known as Eventide community, and the tranquil scene of the past is no longer present. You are a Taoist priest practicing at Xuanqing Temple, and your calm life has been disrupted. Your younger sister has gone missing, and demons are prevalent. You must explore in order to save your sister and kill terrifying ghosts. A tragic past that has been long hidden is going to be revealed.



  • Investigate the Eventide town for clues and the truth.
  • Get better swords to make yourself stronger.
  • Gather pill recipes and resources, then create products and pills.
  • Learn Taoist spells, gain additional charms, and improve your talents.
  • Increase your attack by upgrading your weapons and charms.
  • Kill bosses to obtain artifacts, extra skills, and buffs.


  • Exquisite 3D visuals provide a truly terrifying visual effect.
  • Chinese style characteristics abound, allowing you to understand the essence of Chinese culture.
  • Immersive terrifying experience from a first person perspective
  • A fascinating and frightening tale that reveals the unhappy past
  • Extensive gameplay that is highly enjoyable
  • With a larger map, you can explore more regions and instances.
  • Three game difficulties to test your skills.
  • There are 16 swords and 4 charms to choose from.
  • Several ghosts, please slay them one by one.
  • Scary music and eerie ambiance. Bring headphones for a more immersive experience.

Endless Nightmare 5: Curse is an immense scary game that has more horror game content than previous scary games, cool spell effects, a vast area, a variety of creepy ghosts and bosses, powerful weapons, more resources, and a new element: artifacts. By equipping artifacts, you can gain more special skills and refresh your characteristics to gain greater perks. But the gameplay is far from that. If you've never imagined yourself as a Taoist priest slaying terrifying ghosts, you're welcome to try this scary horror game packed with Chinese influences. It'll surprise you!

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