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The Mystery of Eigengrau

In this terrifying escape room, survival becomes a continuous companion that tests your reflexes against terrifying encounters

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Game Description

Destroy the cult, solve the riddle of the Eigengrau, and save your brother!

Take a terrifying, evocative trip through The Mystery of Eigengrau, where terror lurks around every corner. The sheer essence of terrifying horror infuses every minute as you navigate a cursed woodland, keeping you on the edge of your seat. In this terrifying escape room, survival becomes your constant companion as you pit your reflexes against terrifying encounters.



  • A frightening and engrossing experience.
  • Interesting puzzle-solving techniques.
  • Exciting difficulties in escape rooms.
  • A compelling story that develops like a somber tapestry.
  • A gameplay element that is choice-based and influences the plot.
  • An ever-changing, dynamic environment that takes the player's actions into account.
  • A chilly soundtrack that intensifies the mood.

A masterwork of spooky horror, The Mystery of Eigengrau offers an escape into a mysterious world where nightmare and reality collide. Face your worst anxieties in the face of an eerie mystery that threatens to overwhelm you. The dark past of the forest is revealed with every terrifying puzzle, underscoring the significance of surviving in this terrible place.


Your decisions will determine your character's destiny, whether you survive the horrors ahead or fall victim to them. Will you have the courage to face the dark and come out alive?

Get The Mystery of Eigengrau today to start your ultimate horror journey!

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