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Eggy Party

A delightful party game

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Game Description


Welcome to NetEase Games' wonderful party game, Eggy Party, in which you and your Eggy Friends must overcome outrageous hurdles and embark on an adventure on Eggy Island. Let's egg the party now!


Enter the EGGYVERSE!

  • Join the exciting EGGYVERSE as a charming eggy! Here you may ride the enormous ferris wheel, the amusing trampoline, the floor piano, the football field, and many more attractions!

Collaborate with other adorable Eggies!

  • Collaborate with adorable Eggies in a variety of genres, fluffy, fantastical, sweet...pick your favorite! Power through obstacles with your Eggy pals. It's time to have some fun!

A world of fun and games!


  • Join the various parties, bump and embrace your pals in game! Avoid other Eggies and be cautious of the barriers! Enjoy the party with your pals and stay up all night playing!

All fun and games at Whimsy Playground!

  • Welcome to Eggy Island's Whimsy Playground! It is entirely up to you how you play! Sharpen your skills and overcome difficult maps... When you're with your friends, the pleasure never stops! Feel the rush as you leap over traps or play exhilarating escape games. You can even create your own maps! A thrilling adventure awaits!

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