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Echocalypse is a mobile post-apocalyptic sci-fi strategy RPG

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Game Description

A post-apocalyptic sci fi mobile strategy role-playing game is called Echocalypse. You will go on adventures with Kemono Girl Cases, the last chance for humanity, as an Awakener. Gather Mana from various groups, build up your strength, free your younger sister from her seal, discover the truth about the universe, and put it back in order! Join your fellow Kemono girls as you battle in the post-apocalyptic world!

Discover the Real Story Behind an Epic Tale


In this post apocalyptic world, the calamities predicted in the old books have materialized, putting humanity through its greatest test in millennia. Humanity is forced to study the odd Echo Crystals because of the dangerous situation they find themselves in. The environment is being destroyed by them on a daily basis. As a result, various factions adopted disparate positions about the crystals, and the division is already intensifying into a local conflict. In addition, the anticipated Day of the Ancient One's Return is drawing near.

The civilization we know is gone, replaced by a new system of arcana, technology, and devious tactics used by many factions. Rayna, your younger sister, vanished, and all hints lead to the great powers and the mysterious Rasparta order as the cause. You'll always have your dependable Kemono girl friends by your side as you search for the fabled Relics, save your sister, and discover the truth!

Easy Controls, Countless Lineups and Combinations of Tactics

Bring in Kemono chicks, create your ideal squad, and use your tactical prowess to crush your rivals! Savor multiple play types, an engrossing tale, and plenty of instances! Allow the stunning music and visuals to amaze you!

Exclusive Kemono Babes For You

One hundred Kemono females, each with a distinct personality and an exquisite, intricate avatar, created by renowned artists. To improve their qualities and win fights, upgrade them in various ways. What about going on a date with them? Both their stats and your affinity for them will increase.

Assemble a Group With Other Awakeners

Make friends on your journey and form a troop with them! Alternately, join one to make new acquaintances, trade presents, and jointly charge the High energy Reactor for weight gain.


Your Base in your Own Style

Use your imagination to design your base however you choose, in a variety of styles. Which styles, exotic, tech, glam, or Japanese, do you prefer? Construct the base of your dreams.

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