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Dynasty Warriors M

Build your city, grow your army and experience the heroic spirit of battles!

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Game Description

It's the legendary Dynasty Warriors M, an officially licensed game by KOEI TECMO!

Discover the iconic Dynasty Warriors saga in an entirely new manner!


  • Collect and train 50 officers from five sides.
  • Use the stunning Musou power that is exclusive to Dynasty Warriors!

Fight in strategic fights with unique techniques!

  • Use your Officer's individual strategies to turn the tide of battle.
  • Enhance your weapon's powers with an infinite number of techniques to crush your adversaries!

Explore the historic Three Kingdoms era's huge universe.


  • Explore a large map with 13 areas and 520 stages!
  • Capture castles in each zone, get loot, and strengthen your army!

In a cinematic adventure, relive the narrative of the Three Kingdoms!

  • Participate in historical events such as the Yellow Turban Rebellion and the Battle of Luoyang!

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