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Dust & Neon

Load'em up as a Wild West cyborg as you fight an army of robots!

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Game Description

Load'em up, Gunslinger. Locate the loot and eliminate the boss. In this futuristic, action packed shooter, you play as a Wild West cyborg against an army of robots.

Robots that were previously supposed to help with life have taken over the earth, attacking humanity in a futuristic Wild West. You play as the Gunslinger, the toughest guy in the Old West, resurrected by a mad human scientist to oppose robot oppression. Dust and Neon is a top down, twin stick shooter with RPG advancement and roguelite and looter shooter inspirations.



  • Fire, kill, reload, and repeat. In this twin stick shooter, players spawn at home base, gear up, improve, and then choose a mission to combat.
  • Death is merely the start. Power up your character over numerous runs... and fatalities.
  • Select from a range of mission types, such as Kill All, Train Heist, and Sabotage Objective. Always keep an eye out for more money and better weaponry. The pursuit of better treasure drives mission advancement.
  • Take part in one of a kind boss battles. As you continue through the game, level up, and upgrade, you'll get closer to facing the next boss in line!

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