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Dusk of Dragons: Survivors

Dusk of Dragons brings players to a fascinating medieval realm teeming with dragons and enchantment!

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Game Description

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors transports players to a mystical medieval country filled with dragons and enchantment.

Extreme weather, starvation, traps, and vicious zombies must all be avoided. You'll be immersed in an exciting world of unlimited possibilities with the option to train and raise your own dragons, build unique camps, and establish alliances with other factions.



  • Breed Diverse Dragons: Raise and train your own magnificent dragons to fight alongside you. Each dragon has different skills and strengths, which adds a strategic element to your gaming.
  • Join Forces with Friends and Other Players to Challenge Special Instances: Join forces with friends and other players to challenge instances that reward you with special loot and uncommon items. Cooperation is essential for survival in this harsh planet.
  • Explore Boss Encounters on Random Maps: Explore a range of dynamically created maps filled with hidden treasures, perilous traps, and powerful monsters. Each game is unique and thrilling, keeping you on your toes at all times.
  • Create and Personalize Your Camp: Create a personalized camp that will serve as your haven from the elements. Hire butlers to assist you in organizing your large and diverse collection of stuff. Squires can be summoned to assist you in gathering resources. Build, upgrade, and create defenses to keep your camp safe from voracious zombies and other enemies.
  • Try Primitive Survival: Immerse yourself in a realistic world where survival instincts are tested. Combat adverse weather, control your hunger and thirst, and adapt to an ever changing environment.

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