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Dungeon Hunter 6

In this spectacular installment, you will explore undiscovered territory, reunite with classic characters, and experience a new level of thrill!

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Game Description

Dungeon Hunter has returned!

The Exciting Gameloft ARPG Sequel!


Fearless Bounty Hunters, band together and embrace Dungeon Hunter VI, a new and fascinating hack and slash adventure that continues the beloved series. In this spectacular installment, explore undiscovered territory, reunite with classic characters, and experience a new level of thrill!

Return to Valenthia 200 years after the noble sacrifice of the Bounty Hunter for brand new thrilling adventures on a scale never previously seen in a Dungeon Hunter Game.

Join the heroes on their quest to stop the demonic powers unleashed by the Forbidden Towers, and battle hordes of Demonic Beings in an EPIC Hack and Slash experience.

Choose one of the five available classes, gather your most trusted allies, and preserve the realm from new and returning Evils.

Wealth, honor, glory, and power... It's all yours to keep!


Immerse Yourself in New Experiences

  • Set off on a new epic campaign to discover the mysteries of the Forbidden Towers and preserve the Realm.
  • Discover Valenthia in a new way and visit new and interesting places.

Create Your Own Heroic Journey

  • Select one of the Iconic Dungeon Hunter classes: Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage, or the Boon Sister.
  • Equip and personalize your heroes piece by piece!
  • Tailor your skill trees to your unique playstyle!

Gather Your Forces and Form New Alliances


  • Collect and call formidable lieutenants ranging from simple beasts to legendary heroes from the past!
  • Join or join Guilds and work with allies to battle terrible foes who threaten your world!

High End Gaming Experience

  • Stunningly improved visuals transport you to a new universe filled with vivid landscapes, well designed characters, and dramatic combat effects.
  • Immerse yourself in a thrilling story brought to life by expert voice acting and an engaging soundtrack.

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