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Drive Zone

Driving simulator game with realistic mechanics and a large selection of cars and tracks

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Game Description

Driving simulator game with realistic mechanics and a large selection of automobiles and tracks.

You can choose between four tracks: one in the city and three in the suburbs, each with a different weather condition ranging from cold winter to blazing sunny desert. The game includes a dynamic day and night cycle system. As a result, the atmosphere of each track changes in real time mode, just like in real life.


You have nine vehicles at your disposal. Cars vary in nature and attributes, ranging from small low power cars to sportcars, American muscle cars, and large SUVs. High detail exteriors and interiors will enhance your gaming and give you a sense of full presence.

You can select your driving style in Drive Zone. It might be peaceful and safe for driving in traffic, or it can be exceedingly fast. There are numerous settings that allow you to adjust the physics realism to your liking, ranging from arcade and easy to very realistic and difficult, in which you must demonstrate your driving talents.



  • Elegant and modern graphics
  • Car physics that are realistic
  • Day and night cycle that is dynamic
  • 9 vehicles with well designed interiors and exteriors
  • Four tracks with varying weather conditions
  • A third person and first person perspective


This game is quite realistic, but it is not intended to teach you how to race on the streets. Enjoy virtual vehicle racing, but please follow traffic laws and be cautious on public roads, and always wear your seat belt.

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