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Drift Runner

Drift Runner challenges you to build the ultimate drift car and master the art of drifting!

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Game Description

Drift Runner challenges you to build the ultimate drift car and master the art of drifting!

Drift Runner is the ultimate drifting game that will test your skills and have you burning tires in heart stopping drift contests. Prepare to dominate the streets, set records on the track, and become the undisputed Drift Master from the creators of Burnout Masters!



Build and collect your favorite drift cars, transform your street car into the ideal pro spec drift build, and compete against your opponents.

  • Personalize your vehicle with on of a kind body pieces, wide body kits, wheels, spoilers, and more!
  • Create and fine tune your engine. Replace your engine with a v8 or turbocharge it, change engine parts, and dyno tune for maximum power.
  • A sophisticated paint system enables millions of color combinations.
  • Use height, offset, camber, tilt, and angle kits to fine tune your suspension.


Drift on some of the world's most famous drifting sites, including touge mountain runs, industrial streets, official tracks, and pro events.

  • Drift the landing zone Combine with Adam LZ.
  • Compete in the Klutch Kickers Tournament.
  • Visit Australia and drift Archerfield Drift Park by Luke Finks
  • Take part in an increasing number of real world, official drift events!


Unlock and customize a diverse assortment of high performance drift cars, each with their own distinct characteristics and handling.

  • Choose from JDM, Euro, and Muscle cars to find the perfect ride for you.
  • Professional Drift Cars! Get behind the wheel of a Pro Drifters automobile and show off your drifting skills to the world.
  • With Adam LZ, Luke Fink, and more to come!



Master the art of drifting: Display your abilities by performing jaw dropping drifts, earning points, and ascending the leaderboards. To become the ultimate Drift Master, practice various drift methods such as clutch kicks, handbrake turns, and drift chains.

  • Multiplayer Battles: Take the action online and compete against real players from all over the world.
  • Simple to learn, difficult to master: Drift Runner features simple controls that appeal to both casual players and drifting specialists. Begin with simple controls and work your way up to more complicated techniques as you gain experience and confidence.

Are you ready to let your inner drift master loose? Drift Runner is now available for download, and you can begin an epic journey to become the ultimate drift champion. Demonstrate your abilities, rule the leaderboards, and leave a trail of burning rubber in your wake!

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