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Dreamdale: Fairy Adventure

Embark on a fairy tale adventure as a humbe woodsman and build a vast realm of wonder in this magical game

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Game Description


In this enchanting game, embark on a fairy tale adventure as a modest woodsman and create a vast realm of wonder. Dig, mine, build, farm, create, and fight in this unique and amusing RPG with time management aspects that is sure to deliver hours of engrossing fantasy adventure. Bring your fairytale fantasies to life in the lovely land of Dreamdale.



A resourceful hero: Starting with nothing but an empty backpack and your trusty axe, get chopping and mining, and gather resources to build new buildings or trade for cash and diamonds at the market. Spend coins to upgrade your equipment and structures, or to expand the map to find increasingly diverse resources.

The correct tools: Each resource necessitates a distinct mining tool, and each tool can be updated to obtain more resources faster. As you progress through the game, you will find pickaxes, shovels, fishing rods, and much more, including rare gold tools that will allow you to be the fastest digger, miner, farmer, or fisher ever.

A few nice friends: You'll soon be joined by other villagers who will assist you in expanding your world by tending your farm, catching fish, crafting tools, and mining resources. You'll be in control of your own small trade empire in no time, running around the map to craft, collect, upgrade, and expand.

A place for everything: Construct storage for all the various resources you collect, then enhance the structures alongside your rucksack to speed up trade and bring in more coin.

Consistent advancement: Accomplish tasks to acquire XP, level up, and receive a wide range of rewards to assist you continue through the game, including a variety of different player traits that provide benefits in various elements of the game.

A little luck: Receive more awards and coins by opening chests that appear at random on the map, or dig for wealth where X marks the area.

A dash of mystery: Grab a boat and cruise to five distinct mystery islands to discover unique, uncommon, and very valuable resources.

A dash of peril: What RPG would be complete without some action? Explore eight different caverns, battle opponents, and face up against monster bosses to win stunning loot and return to your village as a genuine hero.

And just a touch of magic: Remember, this is a fairy tale, so don't be surprised to find saddle broken pigs, magical trees that never stop growing, and a slew of other miraculous elements to keep your sense of wonder alive in this fantasy RPG.



Have you ever imagined yourself as a farmer and a fighter, a digger and a chopper, a merchant and a miner, a fisherman and an explorer, a pig herd, and a true storybook hero? In the lovely and extremely fascinating realm of Dreamdale, make all of your fantasies come true. Download the game today and embark on a thrilling adventure.

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