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Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an open-world high-fantasy RPG in which you command over 200 characters

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Game Description

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a high fantasy open world RPG that puts you in command of over 200 heroes. You'll encounter strategic combat like never before in the multiversal journey, where every move counts and every decision could be the difference between success and defeat.

Dragonheir keeps things fresh and exciting with rolling dice and seasonal multiversal material, allowing unlimited options for adventure and exploration.


Adventure in an Open World

  • In the open world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, you can hunt for wealth, solve complicated riddles, enter a drinking tournament or a cookery competition, and build your hero's journey in whatever manner you desire.

Roll the Dice

  • Dice rolls play an important role not only in combat, but also in enriching gameplay and providing a dash of luck to any situation that adventurers may find themselves in, such as stealing, negotiating, drinking contests, and more.

Organize a Heroic Team

  • Over 200 warriors with various talents and traits await in the realm of Adenthia to join the struggle against the darkness that grips the country. You may even take on the more difficult tasks with your friends and comrades in a cooperative PvE mode in which players can work together to slaughter the most powerful opponents and create their glory.

Strategic Combat

  • Roll the dice to see who fortune favors this round and enjoy the unique blend of chess like tactics, varied character powers, and a stroke of luck. While real time combat is fast paced and emphasizes accurate character placement, understanding how your characters may take advantage of varied terrains is critical in determining who wins.

Choices Shape Your Story

  • You will assume the role of the Chosen One in the mystical high fantasy open world of Adenthia. Acquaint yourself with partners from varied origins and birthplaces, and help to save the world from chaos. Investigate ancient dungeons and uncover dark mysteries. Every decision you make in creating your own tale matters.

Seasonal Updates


  • Seasonal Updates not only add new locales to explore, foes to defeat, and well known characters to collaborate with, but also allow players to refresh their hero build, camp, and more.

Infinite Hero Creations

  • The various build options provide limitless opportunities for customizing your party members to ensure your crew stands out. Your distinct collection of abilities will also play an important role in convincing some of them to join your party.

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