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Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Choose your own adventure!

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Game Description

The adventure is out there!

Dragon Trail is a completely new island tribal adventure game! As the dragon's chosen youth, you will go on a journey to discover the secrets of the Loya Book based on your father's belief. Various outfits, charming pets and mounts, teamwork, island competitiveness, and other features all contribute to your unique tribal world.


Form your squad and slay terrible dragons!

  • Explore the fascinating terrain of Star Island and gather hundreds of exotic pets and dragons. Assemble your Dragoncide Squad to combat the terrible dragons that threaten the land.

Find pets all throughout Star Island.

  • Star Island is home to a variety of remarkable and rare creatures, like the Icy Bear, Fire Wyvern, and Bluish Parrot. Each of these species has an own personality, whether lovely and kind or terribly mischievous. Observe every part of the country for their traces.

Evolve to become stronger.

  • Form ties with your pets and help them evolve when they're ready. Watch them evolve and collaborate with them to push the limits of fighting. Which one of your dogs will be the strongest?

Train with an instructor.


  • Dragon Trail uses a Mentor-Disciple system. Train every day with your kind master by completing assignments and becoming more strong. Completing missions earns you rewards. Hunt with your master, apprentice, friends, and partners to make a profit and discover surprises.

Choose your favorite class.

  • Every hero is amazing at something. Dragon Trail allows you to focus on your strongest skills. Choose a powerful warrior that can withstand injury during battling. Choose the attractive priests who want to defend their fellow explorers. Step into the shoes of a ranger to perform long-range damage assaults, or take a more stealthy approach with the mysterious assassin. Different classes require different tactics and provide more fun.

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