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Dragon Storm Knight

Kill monsters instinctively and level up your character, or fight alongside the Guardian Spirit

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Game Description

Dragon Storm is an action RPG in which the Guardian Spirits embark on a quest to find the evil dragon Dark Lord, who has been released from the seal.

Kill creatures instinctively to level up your character or fight alongside the Guardian Spirit.


Items and cards found in dungeons are extremely useful in fighting.

The goblins who have overrun the community are just the beginning. New enemies will impede your path. Become the best warrior and destroy the Dark Lord!



  • Upgrade the weakest warrior to the strongest warrior
  • Improving numerous characters and stuff
  • Item acquisition via exploration
  • Reward based on the stage difficulty
  • Rich tale cutscenes and a stunning ending for scenario mode
  • Automatic combat unlocks upon completion of the stage mission
  • Validate my talents in Infinite Tower
  • Supports ten languages

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