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Dragon Siege

Build your kingdom and defeat the immortal Undead King!

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Game Description

The terrible, immortal Undead King has emerged on the tranquil Dragonia land.

A terrible fight between kingdoms has begun to retake the Dragon Castle, which is now occupied by the Undead King!


Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest is an open world simulation where you can build your own kingdom and conquer the Dragon Castle!

Advance Through Village Management

  • Become the master of your own farm and collect resources and diamonds from the mines!
  • You can make even faster progress if you excel in cooking, crafting equipment, and researching.
  • Become the Lord of a Castle and create and control the community however you like!

Develop Powerful Dragons and Knights

  • Raise and nurture newborn dragons to create your own formidable dragon companions.
  • Recruit unique knights like Humans, Elves, and Half Beasts for your army.
  • Gather dragons and knights with unique abilities to lead the continent's most powerful army!

Research Your Own Strategies


  • Defeat numerous Boss Monsters using the optimal approach based on your troops' compatibility and deployment.
  • If you are unable to conquer alone, join arms with your allies to vanquish the enemy together.
  • Obtain countless loots and expand your kingdom while prepared to compete against other kingdoms!

Real Time Large Scale Battles

  • Take part in massive battles by directing several troops in real time.
  • Work together with your allies to expand the kingdom's territory and conquer the ultimate destination, the Dragon Castle.
  • The kingdom that conquers the Dragon Castle will gain great honor and rewards.

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