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Dragon Raja

An incredible fantasy MMORPG with amazing graphics!

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Game Description

A top tier MMORPG with over 35 million registered users! A worldwide smash that you should not miss!

Dragon Raja is an awesome fantasy MMORPG with stunning graphics, created with the most established and industry leading engine UE4. The game features a large open environment for you to freely explore. It's time to have a one of a kind gaming experience with the customizable avatar and creative career system. Furthermore, the innovative in game social system allows you to play with friends whenever and anywhere you choose.


You can be whatever you want and play however you want here!


  • Dragon Raja is a next generation open world mobile game powered by Unreal Engine 4 that offers a massive, immersive universe through the use of cutting edge technology and amazing graphics. The game employs a simulated physical collision system as well as optical motion capture technologies to create a 'smart' in game environment that provides players with the best gaming experience possible. Its stunning graphics may fool folks into thinking they're playing a PC game!


  • Countless picturesque sights from Tokyo to Siberia have been elegantly interwoven into the game's open storyline. NPCs in game provide different tasks or have different speech based on the decisions players make, giving them the ability to influence the game's universe. And now, gamers can encounter fresh storylines, face more formidable planet bosses, and embark on an entirely new adventure!



  • Dragon Raja has a robust character customization system. Players can give their characters characteristics based on how they react to unexpected occurrences. Dragon Raja allows gamers to construct their own characters and dress them up however they want. Casual, retro, street, and futuristic are just a few of the styles available for customizing characters, with more styles on the way!


  • The Dragon Lord, who was formerly imprisoned by a species of humans known as Hybrids, has resurrected. The Hybrids, humans endowed with superpowers, are assembling to prepare for the impending fight, which is guaranteed to be epic.

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