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Dragon Nest 2

A wonderful world full of adventures awaits your discovery!

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Game Description

Fantastic adventures! Welcome to Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, a magnificent environment awaiting your exploration! Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, the widely anticipated new addition to the Dragon Nest series and a true MMORPG, promises you an unmatched adventure. You've already heard the goddess Altea's summons. Please return and continue writing your faith and purpose together!

Four Traditional Classes


  • Choose your favorite lesson and set out on an exciting adventure. When it comes to determining the ideal method, the four traditional classes will present lots of possibilities. You can even go through Second Class Change, which unlocks deep and unique skills and attributes in a variety of skill branches.

Classic Dungeons Are Back

  • Dragon Nest's famous dungeons are making a comeback! Explore the lairs with your companions and bravely face off against terrifying Sea Dragon monsters. Dungeons can be completed single or in groups of players, however, world bosses will require coordinated efforts from all players to defeat in order to obtain valuable rewards.

Maps of the Entire World

  • The game contains large open world settings that are begging to be explored. This is a freeform adventure game in which you can explore intriguing realms and discover painstakingly constructed objectives and surprises. Every meeting and conflict will strengthen you.

Dress up Freely with Various Pets and Mounts


  • Create your own character image and go on an exciting adventure with your friends! To create your unique look, customize your character's appearance, including haircut, eyes, and fashionable apparel. You can also have versatile and adorable pets and horses to help you navigate the Dragon Nest.

Go on Adventures with Your Friends

  • Adventure is no longer a solitary quest in the world of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. You can quickly make new friends, go on numerous experiences with them, and share priceless memories. Face fearsome foes, solve puzzles, explore dungeons, help one another, and advance together.

Come explore the world of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution with us! Begin your adventure voyage alongside others from all around the world, unlocking limitless possibilities, meeting new adventure partners, and writing your tale together!

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