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Play as a rogue teen DRAGON and roast everything in your path!

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Game Description


Play as a rogue teen DRAGON and set fire to everything in your way! Fry your neighbors and grab their riches in order to collect the largest TREASURE ever possessed by a dragon.


Drag'n'Boom is a one of a kind mobile gaming experience. Your mobility is controlled by the left side of the screen: JUMP, FLY, and CHARGE YOUR PREY. The right side allows you to spit fireballs in STYLE: PILLAGE, BURN, RANSACK!

Amass gold to get new abilities. Launch your opponents into the air and unleash a barrage of combos, moves, and EXPLOSIVE ROUTINES!



  • Drag'n'Boom is a fun retro arcade game that combines speed and precision!
  • Immerse yourself in a fictional medieval environment full of heroes, reminiscent of the best arcade and platform games of all time
  • Unleash your rage across 50 levels and a never ending planet!
  • The more gold you accumulate, the stronger you grow! So, what are you holding out for? To make it rain gold!
  • Take advantage of these powers to strut your stuff with ever more stylish moves!
  • Use lethal combos to destroy your friends' scores!
  • Don't forget about the slow motion effect, which allows you to shoot with pinpoint accuracy

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