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Drag Racing

Feed Them Your Dust with Your Tuned-Up Car!

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Game Description

Pedal-Slamming Fun

Get on your marks. Get set. Go! Prepare for another adrenaline-bursting race to the finish line with this stylish new racing game. Drag Racing will let you accomplish what you can’t hope to achieve in real life by giving you the ability to race anytime, anywhere and on any street without getting into any fatal crashes or speeding tickets.

Pick a car from dozens of real life models and manufacturers, tune it up to your exact specifications, and hit the road when you’re all ready. See if your ride and driving skills can outperform the competition, then use your winnings to gear it up some more. Race against whatever the computer has to offer, or see if you have what it takes to beat other players’ creations.


Either way, Drag Racing will provide more than enough racing goodness to keep you hungry for more.

Customize Your Ride

You’ll need a car before you can start racing. You’ll also want to make sure that car is fast if you ever want to compete in the big leagues. Thankfully, you’ll find no shortage of cars or ways to tune them up in Drag Racing. Just hit the garages with your favorite set of tools and some in-game cash on hand, and get to work putting together your dream ride.

  • Purchase over 50 stylish vehicles, from the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI to the Ford Mustang BOSS 429.
  • Choose a sexy paint job for your car to make it look good in front of the cameras.
  • Upgrade your cars in a staggering number of ways. Give them better engines, intakes, wheels, nitrous, turbo stages and more!

Race to the Finish

It’s one thing to put together an awesome drag racer. It’s something else entirely to watch it in action. Seeing it burn rubber across the road, leaving all the other poor suckers in its dust is a thing of beauty. It’s like watching your kids get married. A tough career lies ahead of you, but anyone can get rich from it if they’ve got the skills.

  • Race against opponents that come in three levels of difficulty: fellow beginners like you, amateurs who are just in it for a quick thrill, and experienced pros.
  • Earn money and respect from your victories.
  • Move up to the next level of challenge by defeating the boss racer in every level.
  • Slam on your pedal at the right time to get a head start on your opponent when the race begins.
  • Shift your gears at opportune moments to increase your speed. Maintain it to stay ahead of the other guy and cross the finish line first.
  • If you have them, use your nitrous to get a quick burst of speed for a few seconds. They could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Pass By Other Players

The computer is not the only opponent you have to worry about. If you want to see how good your car really is, then take it to the online road and pit it against other players’ pimped-out rides.


  • Can you conquer somebody’s best time? Race your car against another player’s ghost and see if you can finish race quicker than they were ever able to.
  • Hit the lobbies. Match up with up to nine other human racers and see who can win the miniature tournament that follows.

A Stylish Finish

When it comes to breakneck speed racing, you cannot go wrong with the aptly-named Drag Racing. It’s a car lover’s dream come true, with its maddeningly huge collection of vehicles to drive and parts to customize them with. Add to the sharp visuals and intense racing that will put your nerves on edge, and you have an addictive game that you can keep playing forever and ever!

Has it been mentioned that it’s completely free? Don’t hesitate; just download Drag Racing and start driving at full speed.

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