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Doomsday is an exciting real-time multiplayer strategy survival game!

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Game Description

Doomsday: Last Survivors is a zombie survival strategy game featuring real-time strategic aspects and multiplayer online competition. In this near-future dystopian setting, when zombies have taken over the planet, survivors must battle for both their own survival and the survival of humanity. It is your responsibility as the Commander to guide the other survivors as they construct their shelter, venture through foggy areas, and engage in combat with the undead and other groups!



Playing the New Tower Defense Game

  • Alongside you to explore this ruined planet roiling with the undead will be skilled survivors. To survive the zombie onslaught, be alert, make perfect Hero formations, and build fortresses!

Survival of the Fittest

  • Go ahead and lead the occupants of your shelter! Kill zombies to survive the end of the world, or take supplies from other Shelters to maintain your own. Additionally, you can band together with your allies to battle adversaries.

Realistic Apocalyptic Experience

  • With easy-to-use zoom capabilities, the realistic spherical terrain system allows you close-up views of the Shelter from satellite perspectives. A brutal world where it's kill or be killed, horrific undead, and an impending disaster await you in this immersive survival experience.

Tactical Battles


  • To survive the end of the world, make use of all you can find. To outlive the hordes of zombies, train a variety of unit kinds and use hero skills and attacks to carry out a variety of battle strategies.

Special Heroes

  • Interesting and realistic hero designs that show survivors from various backgrounds. Hire skilled Heroes to assist in commanding your forces and defending your shelter!

Commander, are you prepared to use your cunning and might to survive the end of the world?

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