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The Division Resurgence

An action third person shooter RPG set in a shared, open-world MMO recreation of urban NYC

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Game Description

The Division Resurgence is a free-to-play third-person shooter RPG that takes place in a shared MMO open environment. It is set in contemporary post-crisis New York City, after a virus outbreak has caused turmoil and the collapse of the US government.

In this all-new stunning Division experience designed only for mobile, you play as an agent of the 'Strategic Homeland Division' tasked with restoring order, combating hostile factions, protecting citizens, and assisting them in building a brighter future.


This next installment in the Division franchise takes the famous HD experience to smartphones and immerses players in an all-new MMO adventure. Aside from an independent campaign based on Tom Clancy's The Division 1 and The Division 2, as well as new perspectives on key story events, The Division Resurgence provides a plethora of new content, including a new storyline, new game modes, both PVP and PVE, new specializations, and new enemy factions.

Enter The Division Resurgence, the new shooter RPG, solo or in co-op, PVP or PVE, explore freely in the spectacular NYC open-world, choose the tactical gameplay that best suits you, and seize every opportunity to combat chaos and save New York from evil.

Check out the awesome features that await you in this new shooter RPG!

Fight in PVP on Mobile
Test your PVP abilities in the Domination Conflict mode for a pure competitive experience, or venture into the famed Dark Zone, a one-of-a-kind PvPvE open-world environment. Take down formidable adversaries, either alone or with a team, to gain high-end gear and awards before other players, or even team members, claim them!

Choose your specialization based on your personal playstyle.
Level up and develop your skills to obtain new trademark weapons and unique gadgets, allowing you to destroy adversaries in PVP or PVE! Switch specializations, change roles to explore new powers, and find the ideal synergy with your friends to become the best shooter player, either alone or as a team.

A large open environment with high-quality graphics.
Explore an incredibly detailed NYC metropolitan area with beautiful graphics. Explore the open world solo or together, completing The Division story campaigns, world activities, and discovering new PVE missions.

Collect and upgrade plenty of equipment and weaponry.
Loot, build, alter, and upgrade your gear to defeat your adversaries. In The Division Resurgence, you can personalize your character and have a huge arsenal at your disposal for a real RPG experience.


The famous Division RPG experience for mobile
The controls and user interface are specifically designed to provide a seamless and optimized RPG experience on handheld devices, mobile devices, and tablets. Whether you choose PVP or PVE, the controls will ensure seamless execution, just as on HD! You can even use your favorite Bluetooth controller to play flawlessly.

Join the Strategic Homeland Division and experience a new installment of the critically acclaimed Third-Person Shooter RPG, as well as novel game modes, PVP, PVE, and PVPVE, all set in a stunning NYC metropolitan open-world.

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