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Diasho is an Action RPG with casual survival elements and extensive village-building options

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Game Description

Daisho: Survival of a Samurai is an Action RPG set during Japan's Sengoku era. War is raging as Oda Nobunaga seeks to topple the weak shogun from his throne, engulfing the land in flames, and it is your fate to design your legacy.

About Daisho: Samurai Survival


Ronin and ninjas have not spared your town as they seek to profit from the upheaval, and it is up to you, samurai daughter, to safeguard and repair your homestead before facing your quest: In this game of strategy, adventure, and history making, fight alongside the conqueror Oda Nobunaga or join forces with another daimyo.

Features of Daisho: Samurai Survival

  • Action Combat: Unrestricted movement combined with martial arts and sword fighting
  • Deep Crafting: Harvest farm products, mine stones and cut down trees around the game environment.
  • Open World: Explore historical kingdoms in search of treasures.
  • City Building: Design your own home and hamlet complete with artisan stations.
  • Strategic Option: Customize your weaponry for various effects.
  • Distinctive Art Style: Hand crafted stylized 3D models and breathtaking animations
  • Great History: Because surviving zombies is boring, we'll take you on a historical fantasy voyage into the Sengoku era!

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