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Devil War

Kill all Devils and save the Humans!

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Game Description

Devil War is a 3D first-person shooting game. Doom is approaching, so grab your sniper and prepare to exterminate all devils and save humanity! Experience the sniper action game! Are you prepared for the challenges?



  • Complete 7 locations, vanquish 7 lords, and remove deadly sins.
  • Resist demon attacks, defeat lords, and obtain great equipment.
  • Develop your pet Imp, he will assist you in battles.
  • Equip increasingly powerful weapons, grow your arsenal, and control the combat with ease.
  • Upgrade to the finest equipment, enhance attributes, and you will be invincible.
  • Advance the hero and unlock various divine talents.
  • Complete quests to earn loads of goodies.


  • Free to play this fascinating science fiction shooting game, become an expert devil hunter.
  • Fascinating plot provides a deep story experience while battling science fiction conflicts.
  • Epic FPS game, you will experience the finest visual effect.
  • Simplified controls, automatic aiming and shooting, are highly easy to manage, providing you with the best operation experience.
  • Fast fight rhythm, slay devils in succession, and swiftly complete levels.
  • Exquisite game visuals, smooth motion animation, realistic character models, equipment, and maps.
  • Ingenious game level design. Reasonable usage of organs to win.
  • Unique development system, hero progression, equipment accumulation, and pet upgrade
  • Exciting game stuff, you can't stop playing.
  • A range of hero skins to select from

In this huge shooting game, you are in the world of science fiction warfare, where you can not only enjoy the thrill of fights, but also immerse yourself in the vast fighting environment according to the storyline. Kill devils, complete levels, accept responsibility, prevent the spread of evil, and safeguard the human race. Devil War is more than just fights; it also features an epic development mechanism. Heroes, pets, and equipment are all upgradeable to the highest level. Experience Devil War right now; it will transport you to a new realm where you will eliminate bad forces and the devil planet. You will be the demon hunter.

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