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Defense Derby

Unleash your strategic skills in an unparalleled PvP Tower Defense game unlike anything you've ever experienced!

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Game Description

The ultimate Betting Royale, Defense Derby, has arrived to shake up the battlefield!

Unleash your strategic prowess in an unparalleled PvP Tower Defense experience unlike any you've ever had.


4 Player PvP Derby Mode

  • Feel the rush of victory in PvP Defense Royale, where the combat goes on until only one person remains. In this Tower Defense game, you must defend your castle from ever tougher waves of monsters.

Unit Scouting System

  • Recruit vital units with Derby Chips. Use your best techniques to defend your castle, from risky early game bets to sturdy late game tactics.

3X3 BINGO Deployment Strategy

  • In this PvP Tower Defense game, you'll discover a familiar yet interesting 3X3 BINGO deployment technique. To maximize the synergy effects, strategically place units based on their type, faction, and assault range!

Guardian's Journey System


  • As you battle against gamers from all across the world, you will rise up the rankings. As you go through the stages, you will be able to unlock a variety of rewards. Exclusive castle skins and other in game currencies are among the rewards!

Different PvE Modes

  • Blitz Mode Tower Defense will put your defenses to the test. Meet a Wide Range of Monsters in Dungeons Tower Defense In Idle Mode Tower Defense, you can earn rewards by defending the castle. In Friendly Derby Mode, you can have fun with your friends. Tower Protection

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