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Death's Door

Kill enemies and reap their souls!

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Game Description

Become a soul reaping crow. It's a dead end job, but when a thief steals your work, you embark on a sword slashing odyssey to discover the secrets of death.

When your day, and night, job is to reap the souls of the dying, the office can start to feel a little dead. Unless, of course, a soul is stolen. That's when things start to become interesting.


In this fantasy RPG, you play as an adorable, soul reaping crow on an epic journey for the titan sized soul that escaped. Cut down wild monsters and despotic bosses as you hack and slash your way through dungeons where death isn't operating as it should. Which, by the way, is another issue. It's your problem.


  • Discover a plethora of magical weapons, such as swords, hammers, bows, and spells, and use them to aid the crow in defeating a series of whimsically difficult dungeon foes.
  • Upgrade your crow's strength, dexterity, haste, and magic to create the most efficient lil' soul reaper around.
  • Battle your way through colorful and eccentric realms such as the well appointed Estate of the Urn Witch and the swampy dungeon of the Frog King.
  • Find out who stole the big soul and delve deeper into the mysteries that determine the crows' world, their jobs, and the nature of death itself.
  • Meet a strange and wonderful group of folks who may have information on the soul thief. Or they have their own issues to deal with. Only a small, soul stealing crow can cure these problems.

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