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Dead Raid

Can you survive in a city full of zombies?

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Game Description

Do you enjoy thrilling, heart-pounding, and hair-raising zombie apocalypse games? If so, you won't want to miss our Dead Raid: Zombie Shooter 3D. Our first-person shooter game is ideal for individuals who enjoy atmospheric and action-packed survival shooting games.

As the lone survivor, you must fend off the hungry creatures that prowl the city's corridors and streets. These monsters were once ordinary people, but they were transformed into ravenous zombies. You have two options for stopping their terrible attacks: using your own flesh or giving them lead bullets. The game's simple rules are to kill zombies, progress forward, and live against the army of the walking dead.


In this game, move quickly or your character may be devoured by roaring zombies! These walking beasts will see you as nothing more than a juicy snack. Do you truly want to become a snack for bloodthirsty monsters? Then choose your weapon thoughtfully. What works best for you? As you go through the levels, you will acquire access to a greater range of weaponry, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, crossbows, and more. Choose a weapon that appeals to you, and dive into a genuine horror film! Don't forget to update your gun so it can shoot faster and deadlier, increasing your odds of survival.

We're in the heart of the apocalypse, fighting zombies in the fog. Of course, after witnessing these horrors, you'd want to be in a bunker or another safe haven, but that wouldn't be an action-survival horror story or shooter.

Gather your courage for this horror shooting game, and go shoot some zombies! Aim like a true sniper, and remember to reload, as cartridges have a knack of running out at the most inconvenient times. Your precise shooting will shower the walking dead with bullets, discouraging any desire to dine with you. If your accuracy falls short, they'll feast, much to the zombies' delight.


Firearms in your hands are excellent, but why not use your wits, another edge you have over these insane gluttons? Instead of wasting clips, aim and detonate the fire extinguisher to eliminate as many undead as possible with a single shot. If you run out of ammunition and the zombie approaches, shot them in the leg. That way, they'll slow down, giving you time to reload.

The zombie hunt is underway! Clear regions one by one to challenge oneself to new heights. Act quickly and precisely. Your life is on the line. Do not let your guard down, or you will become the next victim of the zombie apocalypse.

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