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Dead Blood

You'll be pitted against swarms of bloodthirsty zombies, fighting for survival in a dangerous world that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking!

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Game Description

If you like the wild west and the thrill of survival games, you'll appreciate immersing yourself in some serious combat set in this FPS's classic and rough terrain. In Dead Blood, you'll face hordes of bloodthirsty zombies while fighting for survival in a treacherous world that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

To survive in this action packed survival shooter, you'll need to employ all of your skills. To fight out the undead that cross your way, you'll have access to a variety of weaponry ranging from guns to bombs. Learn to bash them with the Old Fella club or slice them with a Scandi Axe before progressing to more serious weapons such as the Trophy Winchester carbine or The Ugly sawn off shotgun. Blow out some brains!


Craft is also important to your success. You'll need to scavenge the environment for resources and use them to make weapons and other necessary equipment. After all, wouldn't you desire a better chance of survival?

Fortunately, you'll have the mayor's daughter Elsa and a few other survivors to assist you get started. You'll love Henry, the local gunsmith: not only does he have an awesomely grim sense of humour, but he's also the person to go to for advice on Blueprints and the subsequent fabrication of weapons and other treasures. Felix from the Tailor Shop is a weird person, but he has good intentions, and boy is he good with thread and needle!

The Wild West environment is the ideal background for the game's engrossing gameplay. It's full of both danger and beauty, with each site meant to enhance the entire experience in its own unique way. You'll be on an adrenaline fueled trip through the apocalypse, fighting for survival in a harsh and brutal world teeming with zombies and other perils. Your blood isn't dead, so don't waste time keeping it circulating! Try The Hunt, a resource gathering adventure: when The Hunt showdown goes... err, down, really. That's where you learn the most in the quickest amount of time.


Alternatively, you can pick up special Orders from the Mission Board to execute and receive rewards for.

Dead Blood, on the other hand, is more than just a zombie survival game. It blends the best parts of the wild west with the genre's exhilarating demands, creating a difficult experience that will keep you engaged for hours. This game will satisfy your appetite for adventure in a wild west zombie infested environment with amazing graphics, a gripping plot, and tough gameplay. And be warned: some of the undead can hear and smell you, and even summon others to battle you, so stay as hidden as possible!

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