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Dead Trigger 2

Fight the Zombie Apocalypse with the Biggest and Baddest Guns Ever Built!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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(iOS - For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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Game Description

Experience the Ultimate Zombie Shooter

Those zombies will never stop until every breathing human in the world is dead or like them. If there's ever going to be any hope for a tomorrow, then you must kill every last one of them. The zombies may be numerous, but you've got two things they'll never have: smarts and a lot of guns!

Kick in the door guns blazing all over again with Dead Trigger 2. Pick up your favorite firearms, rig up some explosives, and go to town on the hordes of butt-ugly zombies that are running rampant all over your world. Whether they're big, small, slow or fast, all of them need to die in the most gruesome manner possible. Go hog wild. When it comes to portable first-person shooter action, absolutely nothing can stand against the might of Dead Trigger 2!


Jump into the Carnage

If you weren't around for the first Dead Trigger, then here's what you need to know about the sequel. The world is overrun with zombies. The only thing between you and certain death is a lot of ammo and twitchy trigger finger. Don't be fooled into thinking this is just a zombie-themed shooting range; Dead Trigger 2 is a bonafide first-person shooter, and it's available on mobile devices for free.

  • Boasts amazing cutting-edge graphics with detailed environments, distinct-looking characters, and plenty of blood-spewing, brain-splattering action!
  • Features authentic voice-acting that brings the story to life, as well as realistic gunshots that put you right into the heat of things.
  • Run, jump and shoot anytime, anywhere, and in whatever direction you like with intuitive touchscreen controls.
  • Attach a gamepad to your device for a console gaming experience.
  • No energy meter! Play the game as long as you want.

Complete the Campaign

Think you're in for another plotless shooter? Think again! Dead Trigger 2 lets you take part in an action-packed tale where you and a select group of people will save the world.


  • Watch the story unfold as you travel across the world leaving a trail of slain zombies in your wake.
  • Ally with a gunsmith, medic, scientist, smuggler and more. Accept their help to unlock even more deadly toys.
  • Boasts a greater variety of missions. Divert zombie attention away from your fellow survivors, protect VIPs, survive oncoming waves of enemies, and more.
  • Kill a dangerous new variety of zombies, including the bloated Kamikaze and wretched Vomitron.

You Can Never Have Too Many Guns

You want guns? You'll get lots of them in Dead Trigger 2. No other zombie game can boast the sheer amount of firepower you'll be packing in this apocalypse.

  • Mow down zombies with an enormous number of weapons, including pistols, wrenches, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenades and more.
  • Operate mounted turrets and even a Gatling gun from a flying helicopter.
  • Improve the lethality of your weapons by uncovering blueprints in the world.

A Direct Hit

Dead Trigger 2 is the end-all be-all zombie shooter for iOS and Android systems. It has amazing visuals that push the boundaries of mobile technology, fantastic levels to explore, hundreds of zombies to kill, and plenty of ways to smoke them. Anybody who's yearning for a fast-paced mobile action game that wouldn't be out of place on a PC or console needs to get Dead Trigger 2 right away. You will not regret it.

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