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Warriors assemble!

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Game Description

Download the latest open world survival and crafting game and play it with your friends! We hope to see you on this adventure!

Players in Dawnlands fight to reawaken an ancient land. Explore a massive globe, gather materials, construct weapons, and create a universe only you could imagine, but be aware of the horrors lurking in the shadows! Become the hero of an unknown land and enjoy a breathtaking open world!


A variety of biomes, artifacts, and puzzles dot the terrain. An old world that has been sleeping for ages awaits your awakening, and new stories await to be written.

Build and Craft
Everything that came before has vanished, but nature's abundant riches may be found all over the place. What matters is how you put them to use. Wait, be cautious of any hazards in the dark. Find the darkness and destroy it before it consumes the land. Begin at the beginning and fight for your life!

Build your dream home with over 100 different crafting materials. You have complete control over the floor design and the topography of the land. Battle to gain access to recipes for crafting weapons, clothing, and tools. Build and craft using your imagination!


Dawnlands supports up to four players on a single game world. Explore the land on your own or with company. Visit your buddy's land, or have your friend visit your land via the friends system or the world invitation code. Dawnlands can also offer random planets where you can make new acquaintances! Gather your pals and have a good time!

Fate has predestined you to be the world's rescuer. Your journey in this gorgeous open world game begins right now!

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