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Dawn of Ages

Loot weapons as you engage in medieval warfare!

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Game Description

Engage in medieval combat, loot weaponry, and lead your army into battle!

History is written on the pages of conflict. Write the story of your own empire.


At the dawn of medieval history, construct your fortress and evolve your army with authentic weapons and equipment from the past. March against hostile civilizations as you retrace history. Engage your opponents and defeat their civilizations in battle!

No dragons, no magic. Not now or ever.

As history students, we only want to create a game that immerses us in true historical events, wars, moments, and epochs. That is why every new piece of content or piece of armor will be influenced by genuine history, rather than something from Middle-Earth or Westeros. That just isn't Dawn of Ages.


Brutal action and genuine mass conflicts await. Stage epic battles using various weapons and techniques. Experience true historical campaigns against ancient empires, or lead your army against actual adversaries in an epic PvP fight. Celebrate your victories, collect wealth and awards, and lead an expanding empire. Adventure awaits!


Equip your battalions with the optimal gear combination from over 100 historical weapons, shields, and armor, each having unique advantages and downsides. Assign targets to your troops to maximize their attack capabilities, and time your commander's strikes precisely to turn the battle in your favor. Use the awards you received from the last combat to prepare your troops for the next.


Turn a city into a fortified castle to extend your civilization. Recruit townspeople to staff each structure and transform your colony into a thriving medieval city to meet the demands of your army. As you struggle through the eras, your city will evolve alongside your military, allowing for a stronger economy and better ability to train troops and build weaponry. As your army marches through the ages, celebrate each victory as your civilization withstand the test of time.


Experience medieval times up close. Every weapon you loot, every piece of armor you build is inspired by real-world examples. Dawn of Ages, similar to the experience provided by renowned strategy games, features spectacular medieval combat and city administration to support a growing military. With a few touches, you may jump right into the conflict and engage in intricate strategies in an easy-to-use interface. Dawn of Ages brings large-scale battles to your fingertips!



Join the Discord community to help grow the player base and enhance the game. Share your newly obtained castle or armor and weaponry with other players and celebrate your civilization's supremacy together!

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