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Dark Riddle 2

You must contend with an odd neighbor in this game, whose house is full of terrifying secrets

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Game Description

Sometimes, neighbors might cause more serious issues than just noise when it's not the right time of day. You must contend with an odd neighbor in this game, whose house is filled with unsettling secrets. Enter his home covertly, avoid all of the traps and security cameras, and discover the shocking truth!

Because of a realistic first-person camera, you are the main character in this interactive thriller. After moving to a new house, you notice some strange things about your aloof neighbor from the house across the street. He never leaves his house, where eerie noises, such as crying, can be heard. And one gloomy evening, a neighbor pulls a bag containing what appears to be a human body out of his home. It becomes evident that there is suspicious activity occurring. You have to break into the neighbor's house to see what's going on; you can't stay away! But it won't be that simple to accomplish this! His yard is equipped with mobile security cameras at every corner, and all of the windows and doors are safely shut. Furthermore, the neighbor is a really dangerous individual who will do whatever it takes to conceal all of his sinister activities. You're not going to make it out of his house alive if he finds you! Continue to blend in, exercise your own creativity, and unearth a dreadful mystery!



  • First-person, first-generation advanced camera technology that lets you explore freely and quickly!
  • Locating and employing practical objects. Discover a flashlight, acne, keys, gas cans, and a lot more things that will be useful in the neighbor's home!
  • Always keep an eye on your back, since your neighbor can be waiting for you anywhere!
  • If things get worse, you can try to flee and seek safety in your own house; that way, your horrible neighbor won't be able to find you!
  • The neighbor's basement is where you want to end up. Somewhere, there is the key to opening all the horrible secrets!
  • The eerie tunes and magnificent soundtrack do a fantastic job of capturing the mood of a mysterious thriller!

Will you be able to uncover the truth, or will your unsettling neighbor take advantage of you once more?

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