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Dark and Light provides and big, seamless world filled with all sorts of deadly fantasy creatures

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Game Description

Dark and Light Mobile is a sandbox game with survival and magic elements. The game, which is powered by Unreal Engine 4, presents players with a seamless huge globe filled with numerous types of landforms and magical creatures.

You can freely create dwellings, tame magical creatures, conduct research into magical technologies, travel across several servers, and collaborate or confront other players. In this fascinating sandbox environment, there are unlimited options!


Tame magical beasts, such as wyverns and griffins.

  • The game has a wide range of magical creatures, from the well known Wyverns, Griffins, and Unicorns to the mysterious and exotic ones. To catch any species in the world, you can construct hunting spears and grind anesthetic. The placid Moose and Sheep, as well as the wild Lava Tigers and Moon Tailed Beasts, can all be tamed and become your partners or mounts.

Gather resources and construct your home.

  • You can build and craft practically anything on this vast and wild planet. Starting with a shaky foundation, you will gradually be able to create more formidable structures, ranging from magical guard towers defended by your dragons to unassailable fortresses. Your creations have the potential to transform the world.

Master magic technology and create your own weapons.


  • Knowledge research can be used to access blueprints. From facilities like the Drying Shelf and Enchantment Table to weapons like the Dagger and Ice wand, you can freely rebuild and assemble your weapons and armors by combining steel with magical technology. Use them in battle against exceptional creatures and unknown foes. Be a legend!

Cross server team fight, multi player cooperation.

  • Cooperate with your pals or compete against others on different servers. Ride multi passenger mounts like War Elephants to combat foes alongside your colleagues. To win the war, you can freely build your team with a variety of weapons, monsters, and magical technology!

Adventurers, welcome to Gnarris. This realm of limitless possibilities awaits your arrival!

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