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Dark Summoner

Collect, Trade and Evolve Fearsome Monsters in Your Quest for Power!

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Game Description

Become a Summoner

Conventional warfare is a thing of the past. The history of the world is no longer pushed by armies of sword-wielding soldiers, but through the reality-bending abilities of summoners like yourself. The source of your power does not lie in the strength of your arms or through the stroke of your pen, but through your command of mighty creatures from the world beyond.

In order to make your way in this grim world with its rapidly-dwindling resources, you must take control of even more powerful creatures. Do whatever it takes; find them, beat them into submission, trade them with other summoners, or sacrifice them to the powers that be for even more powerful entities. When you are ready, use them to pillage the land for wealth, or battle other summoners for dominance. There is no right or wrong way to make your stand in the oppressive world of Dark Summoner; there are only the monstrosities you have at your command.


Choose Your Monsters

Monsters are the heart and soul of Dark Summoner, and the foundation of which your strength is built upon. There are many monsters to find, many ways to get them, and even more ways to train them.

  • Collect over 1000 well-drawn and intricately-designed monsters. Summon undead dragons, plumed serpents, terribly beautiful fae spirits, and more!
  • Monsters come in 10 grades. Higher grade monsters are capable of reaching a greater potential than lower-tiered ones.
  • Increase the level of your monsters by spending gold on them. Sacrifice other monsters in your roster to reduce the cost.
  • Sacrifice your doubles to increase the tiers of your existing monsters.
  • Improve a variety of statistics for each of your monsters, including Attack, Defense, Agility and Health.
  • Equip your monsters with over 30 different skills that can turn the tide of battle. Use skills to rain elemental magic down upon the enemy, revive fallen monsters in combat, attack all foes in one turn, weaken enemy forces, and more!
  • Assemble a team of entities that compliment each other. Form elaborate and powerful combos that can and will improve your prowess in the field of battle.

Accept Your Mission

Summoning may be a powerful art, but it’s also a very costly one. In order to fund your campaign and improve your standing in the world, you will have to embark on a variety of missions across the broken land.

  • Complete missions to earn gold, experience, free monsters and occasional collection items that can invoke all sorts of special effects when used.
  • Travel to over 100 areas that grow progressively more difficult and dangerous.
  • Manage your Energy resources intelligently. You must expend some each time you attempt a mission.
  • Protect merchant caravans, discover the source behind a natural disaster, save the ruling monarch from being assassinated, kill evil sorcerers, and more.
  • Summon your monsters to fight powerful bosses in highly tactical battles to the death.

Interact with Other Summoners

You’re not the only summoner in the world; many other people are playing this game after all. Throughout your travels, you will undoubtedly encounter other players. You can help or hinder their progress in any number of ways.


  • Form alliances with your friends to acquire statistical boons and skill point bonuses for free.
  • Buy and sell monsters, items and supplies to and from other players at the online auction house.
  • Duel another player by pitting your team of monsters against his own. The winner takes a portion of the loser’s gold.
  • Join a clan or form your own. Make friends and gain combat bonuses as you help build your clan into the most formidable fighting force ever conceived.
  • Use the combined power of your allies to wage epic Raid missions against the Dark Lords, the most powerful beings in all Dark Summoner! Winning the battle can get you control over the Dark Lord himself.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Dark Summoner offers an experience that is both deeply strategic and very social. It sets it all in a dark fantasy world, boasts an impressive library of monster designs that range from gorgeous to macabre, and gives you plentiful incentive to keep playing and becoming more powerful than you already are. The game can be played anywhere, and is enjoyable in both small bursts or over an extended period of time.

Dark Summoner is a must-have for strategy and RPG fans everywhere.

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