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Dadish 2

Not only is he a radish, but he's a dad, and he's here for his biggest adventure yet!

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Game Description

Dad, radish, and back in his biggest adventure ever! Following a disastrous Bring Your Kids To Work Day, Dadish searches for his lost children. He will traverse marshes, ride rockets, scale a massive tree, and even travel to space along the way! In this endearing and difficult platforming adventure, assist Dadish in finding his missing children.



  • 50 cool levels
  • A ton of obnoxious and sassy baby radishes to find
  • Sometimes you can ride on a giant talking hamburger
  • A whole new gang of fast food themed baddies
  • Five new bosses, all of whom have personal problems
  • A whole bunch of screechy possums
  • The further joys of father
  • Collectible stars can be used to unlock secrets

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