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It's everyones favorite radish dad in his original adventure!

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Game Description

He is a dad and a radish. He needs your assistance to locate his kids who vanished from the garden!

In this hard platforming adventure, Dadish must find his lost children while navigating an intriguing world and battling enemies with fast food themes.



  • A difficult throwback platformer by the Super Fowlst designer!
  • Laughable dialogue that's not too humorous
  • Support for controllers
  • Plus 40 fun levels to complete
  • 40 obnoxious and snarky baby radishes to locate
  • Dangerous fast food workers who want to kill you
  • Four large, delicious bosses
  • A noisy possum
  • The rewards of parenthood
  • A decent soundtrack
  • The graphics are nice
  • Star collectibles
  • Secrets you can discover

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