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Cyber Realm

Jump into an exciting 3D open-world adventure with a cyberpunk twist!

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Game Description

Cyber Realm allows you to go on an exciting 3D open-world adventure with a cyberpunk edge. In this intriguing ARPG, you'll find yourself in a city full of mechs, magical wonders, and mythological monsters.

Our game, created using Unreal Engine, features a massive and free-roaming cityscape for you to explore. Master strong mechs and use supernatural powers in dynamic, real-time fights that allow you to link numerous skills together. Team up with other players to face legendary bosses and collect the newest fashion trends to make your avatar truly distinctive. As a hero, your mission is to defend the city from an endless invasion of alien creatures and rescue the future!


Elemental Fusion

  • Equip gear with different elemental properties to unlock your character's full potential. Combine elements such as wind and fire to create explosive effects that cause maximum harm to your adversaries.

Fashion at your Fingertips

  • Fashion in Cyber Realm is more than just looking beautiful, it is acquired by progressing up and defeating bosses. Unlock a vast collection of costumes to develop your own distinct style and stand out from the crowd.

Epic Team Battles


  • Collaborate with players from other vocations and use your unique set of skills. Engage in strategic real-time combat in which teamwork is required to repel terrifying creatures and massive beasts while protecting the metropolis from impending threats.

Mech Mayhem

  • Equip your mech with unique weaponry like cannons, laser blades, and gatling guns. Enjoy a 50 percent damage reduction while dealing explosive damage that annihilates magical creatures with each shot.

Cyber Realm offers an immersive experience in which every decision you make determines the fate of the city. Prepare to defend, conquer, and stand out in a world where mecha, magic, and myth mix!

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