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Crazy Hospital - Doctor Dash

Participate in this lighthearted hospital simulation and write your own central hospital tale!

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Game Description

This game of time management is beneficial. Your medical facility can be planned, constructed, and operated to treat a range of patients and lessen their suffering. Hospitals are needed all around the world, but the circumstances are not always the same. Different difficulties confront each hospital. The need for better healthcare has emerged as a pressing issue. We are currently in need of you, a superb hospital administrator, to assist these institutions in making adjustments. You can prepare equipment and medications in this hospital game and assist patients with diagnosis and treatment. You can also partake in other thrilling activities. You can go to the hospital of your dreams.



  • Hundreds of game levels that don't repeat themselves
  • Upgrade medical technology and create hospitals in a variety of designs. Give patients a sense of the special service
  • Development of novel medications and equipment to maintain the health of patients
  • Participate in various activities and get special incentives to boost the hospital's effectiveness
  • Customize your hospital to help patients feel at home. Double the pleasure of your games with a rich peripheral system

Join us in this original and entertaining casual simulation game!

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