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Over 400 levels of Fast Cooking Fun

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Challenging and fast paced game play
  • Hundreds of interesting recipes to make
  • Tons to upgrade and customize
  • 10 different restaurants to work with
  • Excellent graphics and sound


  • Higher levels may require in-game purchases to beat
  • Gameplay may become repetitive for some players




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Game Description

Have you been craving a challenging new time management game? If so, you’re in for a real treat! Cooking Fever is a deliciously addictive game that turns your phone or tablet into a fast paced restaurant. Throw your apron on and get to cookin’! This food won’t cook itself!

Keep the Good Eats Comin’


In Cooking Fever, you play the part of an up and coming restauranteur. Your job is to serve up mouthwatering eats as quickly as you possibly can. Hungry customers are some of the most impatient people on the face of the planet, so you need to move quickly to keep them happy! The game starts out slow but the challenge quickly ramps up as you try to fill everyone’s orders quickly and correctly. This is what makes time management games so challenging and so rewarding to play. If you haven’t played a game like this before, Cooking Fever is a great introduction to this genre.

Over 400 levels of Fast Cooking Fun

Cooking Fever is loaded with tons of fast paced, frenetic levels that are guaranteed to keep you cooking for hours on end. There are over 400 different dishes to cook and over 150 ingredients to work with. From freshly baked cakes to pizza straight out of the oven, Cooking Fever has something for every taste. Beware: Cooking Fever will have you craving exotic, tasty dishes from all over the globe. You have been warned!

10 Unique Locations

Why choose between running a sweet shop or an oyster bar? With Cooking Fever, you can try your hand at them all! This game gives you 10 unique locations to work with. This gives you the opportunity to hone your skills in a completely different setting and master some brand new cooking techniques.

Upgrade and Customize Your Way to Culinary Success!

As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to buy the latest and greatest kitchen appliances! High tech rice cookers, coffee makers, pizza ovens and much more are all available for your kitchen. Outfit your culinary workspace as you see fit! In addition to acquiring enviable cooking gadgetry, you can decorate your restaurants to evoke a particular feel and vibe. Combine equipment and décor to create a restaurant with a style and flair that are as unique as you are!

Eye Candy Graphics and Lush Sound

The graphics in Cooking Fever are vibrant and detailed, guaranteed to make you crave burgers, pasta, salads, and other in-game foods. In addition to these drool worthy graphics, Cooking Fever has charming sound effects and music that set the stage for a truly immersive experience.

Free To Play


This game is 100% free to play, making it a must download for anyone looking to pass some time. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the time management genre or a newcomer to this style of game, Cooking Fever will deliver a memorable gaming experience. Bon appetit! 

Cooking Fever Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Alice Flynn

Alice Flynn is a gaming enthusiast and journalist from Los Angeles, CA. She is currently obsessed with obscure foreign dramas, making tofu taste edible and the latest, greatest computer games.

Cooking Fever Is Crazy Fun!

Cooking fever is one of the latest in a long line of culinary themed time management games. Cooking games are enduring favorites within the time management genre because they lend themselves so naturally to the style of gameplay. Does Cooking Fever manage to stand out from the rest? Read on to find out!


Move it or Lose it!

In Cooking Fever, you play the role of an up and coming restauranteur, and like all great successes, you’re starting at the bottom. The first levels have you flipping patties in a humble little burger shop. Once you get the hang of pleasing the fast food crowd, you can graduate to cooking more complex, sophisticated fare. More on that later.

The intro level goes over everything you need to know in order to play the game. Gameplay is intuitive and simple, but it’s nice to have a tutorial to ensure that all the bases are covers.

How it works in a nutshell: A customer will come up to the counter and a thought bubble will appear above their head. Inside of that bubble, you will see a picture of the items they want to order. Your goal is to put together those items as fast as possible and send the patrons on their way well fed and happy. The tutorial moves fast and is pretty enjoyable, so props to Cooking Fever for that.

Don’t let the tutorial fool you into thinking that this is an easy game, because it’s deceptively difficult at higher levels. Once you’ve got the tutorial knocked out of the way, the difficulty level will begin to creep up with every advancement you make.

For example, adding additional cooking equipment is exciting and essential for success, but it also makes filling orders much more complicated. The same thing happens when you expand your menu. It’s easy to fill orders when your restaurant only sells two items made with basic ingredients, but when you’re selling several dishes with different ingredient options, things get chaotic fast!

This is what makes Cooking Fever so fun to play. The pressure of trying to manage several tasks at once is strangely enjoyable. You’ve got to focus and get into the zone! Often, it takes several tries to beat the more difficult levels. Sometimes passing a particularly hard level feels like dumb luck. Once you’ve passed it, it’s on to the next one! Lather, rinse, repeat.

Tons to Cook!

Cooking Fever has over 400 levels of cooking madness for players to enjoy, ensuring hours of engaging gameplay. There are over 150 ingredients to work with and over 400 dishes to cook in total. This includes a number of global dishes that add an exotic flair to the game. Lots to do, lots to cook!

10 Restaurants

Cooking Fever lets you dominate the culinary scene of the town. Instead of working with one restaurant, you’re given the opportunity to buy and work with 10 different restaurants ranging from a pizzeria to an oyster bar and everything in between.

Customize and Upgrade

In addition to cooking like a fiend, you can also decorate and upgrade your restaurants as you see fit. Acquire new décor and give the place a facelift. As you make these essential upgrades, you’re given XP, and this provides incentive for all players to channel their inner designer!

Eye Candy and Great Sound

The graphics in Cooking Fever are well suited to the game. They are so bright and vibrant, it’s hard to resist the urge to snack while playing the game. Yet at the same time, they are far from photorealistic. Everything looks cartoonish in the best of ways with a high quality finish that’s pure eye candy (the pun had to be made, so there it is).

The sound effects are right on, perfect for the game. The soundtrack sets the tone without feeling overpowering, and the sound effects for the cooking and other in-app activities are excellent.

Glass Ceiling at Higher Levels

Now that we’ve covered the good, it’s time to talk about the not so good. It’s time to talk about gems.

The game has two different types of currency: Coins and gems. Earning coins is fairly simple, but earning gems? Not so much. Gems are required for unlocking new items and such, so they are very important.

The game is generous enough with gems in the beginning, but acquiring gems later on is a very tedious grind. Even when you’re willing to play the same levels, repeatedly, to gain a 3 star ranking, there are some that simply refuse to be beaten. Earning gems that way requires a tremendous amount of patience.

This is a free to play game that earns revenue through in-app purchases, so it’s easy to see why they would want players to indulge in a few in-game purchase. When you hit the Great Gem Drought, it’s time to take stock of your options:

1. Refuse to pay money and view earning gems as an extra challenge.

2. Refuse to pay money and quit playing the game.

3. Pay for some gems here and there.

What you decide to do will depend on how much you enjoy the game. I personally love time management games, and so I am looking at earning gems as an additional challenge that will force me to truly master every level. If I didn’t totally love replaying levels again and again, I’d be buying some gems instead.

The difficulty of earning gems is made a little easier to swallow when Cooking Fever is compared to other free-to-play games. There are no time restrictions, no life restrictions, no obligatory, hassle-your-friends style quests. Nothing. Cooking Fever plays just like a pay-to-play game, with an open play style that’s refreshingly free of all the constraints we’ve come to expect from these games. When looked at from that perspective, gems really aren’t that big of a problem after all.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

If you’ve played the first level of Cooking Fever, you’ve played the entire game. Sure, the setting will change, the ingredients will change, the time constraints will change, but the core gameplay is exactly the same. For some players, that’s going to be a con. However, for hardcore fans of the time management genre, that’s part of the appeal. Your mileage may vary, and the only way to find out how you feel about it is to give the game a try.


In Summary:

Cooking Fever is a charming little game that is a great example of how fun a time management game can be. For fans of this game style, this is a must download. It’s cute, memorable and challenging. If you’re unsure about time management games, Cooking Fever is even more of a must try. It’s free, and once you get a taste of this gameplay, you will probably find yourself hooked! Overall, Cooking Fever scores an 8: Great!

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