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Cookies Must Die

Help Jack stop a group of evil mutated cookies and their evil bosses before they reduce the city to rubble!

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Game Description

Jack is a super secret agent who has had extraordinary abilities implanted in him by government scientists! He must stop a horde of wicked, mutant cookies and their mighty leaders from razing his city!

Hurry! Sling the finest weapon onto the battlefield! Begin a bloody and fascinating conflict. Crush your opponents, survive attacks, and defeat massive bosses with your quick moves and skills.


Deadly jellies, angry cookies, menacing chocolates, and a slew of other sweet but frightening characters await you!


  • Epic action in a fast paced, platform based shooter game
  • Simple to learn yet difficult to master gameplay
  • The slow motion effect allows you to shoot with pinpoint accuracy and feel like you're in the Matrix
  • Epic boss fights
  • Unlockable upgradeable weapons, characters, and explosive power ups
  • Achievements and leaderboards for friends to compete on
  • An very addictive game full of unexpected twists and turns.

Remember! Cookies must perish... even the most delectable.

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