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Command & Conquer Rivals

There's no victory quite as sweet as the one that comes against your rivals!

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Game Description

There is no greater victory than one against your adversaries! In Command and Conquer: Rivals, an action-packed RTS with strategic tactics capable of turning the tide of any battle, feel the excitement of rivalry. In The War for Tiberium, command your personalized army and defeat your opponent. In alliances, join forces with friends to share resources. In fast, exciting PvP matches, build your own army of troops, tanks, planes, and more to outwit your opponent's strategy.



In Command and Conquer: Rivals, your strategy affects whether you win or lose. Choose a Commander to command your soldiers. Each has unique skills that might alter your strategy. Customize your army by combining troops, tanks, planes, and other units. Then, in short and intense PvP encounters, refine it to align with your Commander's unique talents before unleashing lethal weapons and vehicles!


In live PvP, pit your tactics against your opponent's strategy as you strive to outwit your opponents in real time! Choose between the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod. With lucrative supply convoys, you can replenish your resources and strengthen your army. Join an alliance to collaborate with friends, exchange resources, and rise through the ranks. Complete daily tasks to earn big rewards that will help you enhance your Commanders, weaponry, and skills. With each victory in this adrenaline pumping RTS, you can expand your army!

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