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Coffee Stack

How high can you stack your coffee cups?

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Game Description

Who doesn't drink coffee to start the day? Coffee Stack is a cup stacking game that also includes amusing Coffee Shop aspects. You have the opportunity to collect every stack of coffee in this magnificent cup, stuff it with various tastes, stack it, and sell it to consumers while earning money.

Start with a coffee cup and collect as many as you can before stacking them. Upgrade your production line to create wonderful beverages like cappuccinos, lattes, and frappuccinos from your coffees! Add the lovely sleeves, put on the adorable lids, and presto! Your coffee mugs are works of art!



  • Play this entertaining cup game to teach kids how to brew and serve coffee.
  • Decide which barista hand you prefer, then practice making the greatest beverages.
  • Simple controls for stacking games for kids.
  • As you play, stack delicious recipes!
  • Create delicious hot or cold beverages for your runway cafe's patrons.
  • Try not to upgrade your coffee mugs and give them out for free!

More Features

  • Create and improve a coffee shop!
  • Decorate your coffee shop to reflect your caffeinated fantasies, expand your coffee corporation, and build an empire while you make money!

You'll adore this game if you enjoy coffee-themed video games. Why are you holding out? Open your store and welcome your first clients in!

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