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Breed and hatch wacky ducks!

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Game Description

The egg or the duck, which came first?

The goal of CLUSTERDUCK is to hatch as many ducks as you can. Stranger things begin to occur as more ducklings hatch. The ducks start to change genetically! The likelihood of anything going disastrously wrong rises alarmingly with each new generation of ducklings that hatches. Have you ever seen a duck with a horse hoof for a wing or a sword for a head? These ducks have completely lost their minds.


Need additional space for the ducks? Duck sacrifices are made in THE HOLE. However, keep your distance because you never know what can be hiding beneath there.


  • Hatch and mutate bizarre ducks!
  • Amaze your friends with your incredible variety by collecting many head, wing, and body versions!
  • There are common, uncommon, epic, and legendary rarities among mutations.
  • You are introduced to each duck's personality idiosyncrasies through clever duck descriptions.
  • Learn the mysteries of THE HOLE
  • Participate in Duck-Off talent competitions to appease the duck gods.

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