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Climb the Ladder

You'll need good timing and quick reflexes to Climb the Ladder!

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Game Description

You'll need fast reflexes and precise timing in Climb the Ladder to slide your hands along the ladder without colliding with any of the sharp hazards!

Explore the globe in Story mode, where you'll have to ascend stairs everywhere you go, from enigmatic China to historic Egypt, via the icy highlands of the North, and even into space! Take on intimidating bosses who will hinder your ascent while holding a rocket launcher in each hand!


In Racing Mode, where every hundredth of a second counts, compete for the world record! As quickly as you can, climb the ladder, but try not to get too excited, or you risk losing your grip or having your hands shocked or stung.

Take on the Arcade Mode challenge on the online leaderboard, where each ladder meter matters! Be cautious wherever you place your hands when you jump, hang, or teleport! Rise above other players on the worldwide leaderboards!

Make an effort to unlock every hand skin in the shop! Some people would rather use two pirate hooks, while others would rather use knight gloves to ascend the ladder! You have the option!


Because of the easy-to-learn yet challenging single-finger, one-tap gameplay, climbing may appear simple at first. However, you'll quickly discover that coordinating two hands to reach the top of the ladder can be trickier than you might think!

A fantastic new Jindoblu game! Go up the ladder!

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