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Dive into the world of restaurant management by embarking on a journey to develop and expand your very own cafe

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Game Description

Welcome to Clean It: Restaurant Cleanup!, the ultimate cleaning game where cleanliness is essential to success! Dive into the realm of restaurant management as you go on a journey to create and expand your own establishment.

Tidy up the messy rooms, remove rubbish, and lay the groundwork for your ideal eatery. As you go, you can unlock cash registers, food kiosks, and tables to attract guests and increase your profits.


However, it is important to maintain a neat and tidy lifestyle in addition to making money. Hire servers to keep tables clean and guarantee that your customers have a nice dining experience. Keep your establishment clean and your clients satisfied by being careful with rubbish collection. Cleaning dirt is essential for keeping your business running; power wash the floors, clean the beach, and maintain a neat lifestyle!

As your profits increase, so can your restaurant. Unlock new rooms to grow your company empire, upgrade your character and servers to improve capacity and efficiency, and watch your revenues skyrocket. Clean It is a one-of-a-kind cleaning and company management game!



  • Restaurant expansion: clean up new rooms to increase revenue and customer base!
  • Upgrade your business by setting tables, opening bars, and delivering meals!
  • Hire cleaners to keep everything clean and tidy; make sure to upgrade them for maximum cleaning capabilities!

Clean It: Restaurant Cleanup! features addicting gameplay, charming graphics, and limitless expansion possibilities. provides hours of enjoyment for any player who likes working games. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves, start hoarding and cleaning, and create the restaurant of your dreams? Download Clean It right now, and let the cleaning games begin!

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