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Chrono Travelers

Travel forward with your friend and explore this vast realm

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Game Description

Begin playing Chrono Travelers today! Step into a near-futuristic open world where ancient celestial spirits and cutting-edge technology collide to create a place of mystery and wonder. Explore this huge region with your allies, take on bosses fueled by futuristic science and the essence of the stars, and unearth the hidden mysteries.

A World Without Boundaries


  • Travel freely around this vast region, from lively cities to ancient artifacts. Encounters with varied celestial entities and intriguing technology could pave the path for new and exciting adventures.

Spirit Combat Dynamics

  • Harness the energies of the spirits. Each spirit possesses unique abilities and characteristics. Using them intelligently will be the key to victory in warfare.

Summon the Gods

  • Call on the gods to increase your fighting strength. Each deity have distinct abilities and a cool appearance. They will support you as you face difficult problems.

Tailor Your Persona

  • Battles aren't the only appealing aspect in this future world. Customize your character's clothes and gear to showcase your unique style and flair.

Socialize and Conquer


  • Join up with gamers from all over the world to take on dangerous bosses and share in the thrill of discovery. In this limitless environment, companionship extends beyond the battlefield; form strong bonds and treasure the deep connections you make.

As you stand on the world's highest peaks, gazing out over a place where the old meets the new, its attraction may grip you endlessly. However, keep in mind that your desire to unravel every enigma and stand together with your companions against all adversities is important.

Forge ahead, time travelers, since your quest has only begun!

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