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Cell to Singularity: Evolution

Immerse yourself in the incredible story of evolution!

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Game Description

In this cosmic clicker game, you may immerse yourself in the incredible story of evolution!

There was no life in the Solar System about 4.5 billion years ago. Everything altered virtually in the blink of an eye on the geologic time scale. The chemical molecules that would give rise to life's meager beginnings lie deep in Earth's primordial soup. You are all that is required for this epic evolution game to take place.


With each click, advance to the next page of evolution. Gain entropy to open the door to the next stage of life's evolution. Discover the twists and turns that lead to life's key milestones, such as the extinction of dinosaurs, the discovery of fire, the Industrial Revolution, and more. See unwritten chapters describing a future evolution beyond the present.


  • Countless hours of addicting but educational clicker gameplay
  • Earn Entropy, the evolutionary currency for life in the universe, with each tap.
  • Easy to use controls. Click anywhere for Entropy and new animal Evolutions!
  • Climb civilization's Tech Tree later by spending ideas on several scientific and technological advances.
  • It's a science simulation game about the evolution of life on Earth. View the rewards of evolution in stunning 3D environments. Unlock fish, lizards, mammals, and monkeys.
  • Uncover the evolution's future and the riddle of the technological singularity.
  • As you play, you will discover and understand factual truths about the evolution of life and natural history.
  • Travel across space on an adventure into speculative science fiction as you click through present society.
  • Get into the atmosphere for life creation with an epic soundtrack of classical music.
  • Transform a single cell organism into a civilization on the verge of technological singularity.
  • Create a simulation of the science of life on Earth.
  • Improve technology to Survive and Terraform Mars

A science evolution game in which you evolve life from a single celled organism to fish, reptiles, mammals, monkeys, humans, and beyond. Play through the history of life on Earth, past, present, and future. Will humanity make it through the next stage of evolution?

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