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Cats and Soup

Cuteness overload!

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Game Description

In search of a charming cat game?

In this tranquil animal woodland, cats are cooking tasty soup. Embark on a fun, unwinding cat game ideal for cat parents.


Cartoon illustration of the game of raising cats

This unique cat game has never been before! Each cat's traits, including those of the Ragdoll, Norwegian forest cat, Birman, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Siberian, British Shorthair, and others, are so distinctively shown in the humorous illustrations! In the fanciful jungle, meet the cats!

Get to know the Cute Cats

Cats can wear a variety of costumes, including hats, jewelry, and clothing. Take pictures of your adorable pets. By giving them fish you collected throughout the mini-game, you can win hearts! You can give your own cats any name you choose!

ASMR relaxation audio and BGM

Listen to the eerie sounds to reduce your stress! Zoom in on the cooking cats as you get the ingredients ready! Swish swish, Blurp Blurp, and all the other sounds from the animal restaurant are audible. Set the BGM to the desired playlist.


Quick and simple animal tycoon where cats cook and gather resources when you're not looking

Take a break to play while you eat, take the bus, or work! Utilize gathered materials to create new facilities and recipes. It's the ideal game for fans of animal restaurants and tycoon games!

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